Rio de Janeiro: The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) has represented Saudi Arabia at the inaugural meeting of the Science20 (S20) group, a G20 initiative focused on science for global transformation. Held in Rio de Janeiro under Brazil's presidency, the meeting brought together science academies from G20 nations and international scientific bodies.

The discussions focused on artificial intelligence (AI), the bioeconomy, energy transition, health, and social justice. The Saudi delegation showcased the Kingdom's advancements in these areas.

The delegation emphasized Saudi Arabia's leadership in the data and AI sector and highlighted the establishment of a robust legal framework that aligns with international standards, promoting responsible development and application of AI to enhance human capabilities.

In the bioeconomy field, the delegation presented Saudi Arabia's commitment to economic diversification and sustainability, besides detailing significant investments in the sector with the goal of global leadership. This ambition is driven by the National Biotechnology Strategy, which focuses on improving public health, environmental protection, food and water security, alongside fostering economic opportunities and localizing promising bio-industries.

The delegation also highlighted the Saudi Genome Program as a key initiative addressing health challenges. This program leverages big data to advance precision medicine, promote digital health solutions, and ultimately reduce the burden of hereditary and genetic diseases.

Saudi Arabia's commitment to a diversified energy mix was another point of focus. The delegation showcased the Kingdom's investments in a variety of renewable and sustainable sources to ensure a balanced energy future.

Finally, the delegation stressed Saudi Arabia's dedication to social justice and reiterated its commitment to equality and creating fair societies, where all segments of society have equal rights and opportunities to participate.

The participation concluded with the Saudi delegation expressing their appreciation to Brazil for successfully hosting the meeting, which aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals for improved quality of life and economic diversification.