As a journalist, I've had the privilege of covering numerous events, but what I witnessed at the Dubai Mall during the release of the iPhone 15 was nothing short of a shock to me. Malls in Dubai turned into a tech wonderland as Apple fans from many parts of the world flocked to the city for the release of the new iPhone 15 models.

People from Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Iran, African countries, and more, all were seen waiting to get their hands on Apple’s latest offering.

A day prior to the official release, I was in awe as thousands of eager Apple enthusiasts formed queues through alleys at Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. I did not have any idea as to what was happening! I felt it was a crazy sale, that Dubai is known for and shoppers were flocking to stores to fill their carts. But then I realised, it was for the new launch by Apple. The alleys were barricaded to control the crowd and security guards were deployed.

Friday, September 22, was a big day for the super fans – the iPhone 15's official release. I reached Dubai Mall to cover the most anticipated event, at 7 am sharp. It took me nearly 40 minutes to get through the crowd and reach the store. Enthusiasts were all beaming with a sense of pride and happiness to get the phone on the first day of the launch.

Some die-hard fans camped out at the mall as early as 5am. What struck me most was the number of units some of them had reserved - not one, nor two but ten iPhones. “What is this device equipped with? Can it download food?” I thought to myself.

“Why would anyone need so many devices?”: I asked my friend who accompanied me to the event.

The answer became obvious as the first lucky customers exited the Apple store with their brand-new release. With money in hand, many who couldn’t reserve were eagerly waiting for the chance to purchase an iPhone 15 Pro Max at a premium exceeding Dh2,000. Clearly, the demand was over the roof.

It did not stop there. The devices purchased at the premium were being resold for a staggering markup of Dh2,500. And surprisingly, people were ready to buy. I still couldn’t understand the hype and tried the new phone showcased at the store. As an Android user, I was very skeptical.

I can say that the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera is truly impressive, capturing details with a high level of precision. The lightning-fast processor, combined with its sleek and lightweight design, made it incredibly user-friendly.

Videos shot with the phone within the store showed its capacity to deliver a great visual experience, capturing details and colours vividly.

I understood the reason behind the loyal fan base and the craze after operating the device. I wanted to buy one for myself right then. To get one, I needed to pre-order on the official website, and it was not available until the end of October.

Whether or not I can get my hands on it, the iPhone 15 Pro Max undoubtedly stands out. After trying it at the store, I was impressed by its features and the design which left a lasting impression. This device truly demonstrates innovation in technology.


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