The Sustainable Agricultural Rural Development Program, known as 'Reef Saudi,' is making strides in enhancing the Kingdom's coffee sector.

With an initial investment of SR61 million since 2020, the program has benefited 3,718 individuals involved in coffee cultivation and production.

This investment marks a pivotal shift in coffee production volumes in Saudi Arabia, which have seen a 37% increase from 800 tons in 2020 to 1,485 tons in 2023.

Looking ahead, 'Reef Saudi' sets an ambitious target to escalate coffee production to 7,000 tons annually by 2026.

'Reef Saudi's commitment extends beyond financial support; it is reshaping the coffee industry into a pivotal component of the Kingdom's agricultural economy.

The initiative aims to enhance the coffee sector's contribution to the economy by promoting it as a lucrative cash crop.

This move not only diversifies the agricultural portfolio but also paves the way for added value through processing, marketing, and achieving self-sufficiency, thereby reducing the dependency on coffee imports.

Furthermore, the program is poised to create job opportunities, particularly for the youth, and aims to elevate the income levels of producers, thereby uplifting the living standards in rural communities.

Through a comprehensive strategy, 'Reef Saudi' plans to provide financial resources, instill best agricultural practices, and promote innovative harvesting techniques to reduce waste.

The establishment of cooperative societies and marketing centers is also in the pipeline to ensure the sustainability of coffee cultivation in the Kingdom.

Supporting infrastructure projects such as rainwater harvesting and the development of irrigation systems, alongside financial aid and capacity-building for small producers and technical staff, are among the core activities of 'Reef Saudi.'

The program's strategic efforts include setting up coffee processing and manufacturing units in Al-Baha, Asir, and Jazan, along with model farms and nurseries in these regions to bolster the coffee sector.

By fostering a supportive environment for small agricultural producers and facilitating access to necessary resources and markets, 'Reef Saudi' aims to contribute significantly to food security, rural stability, environmental sustainability, and the judicious management of natural resources.

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