UAE - A major water company in the UAE has launched a new water bottle, which is made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET).

Al Ain Water is producing the new 100 per cent rPET bottle, which is the first to be locally produced by a UAE brand.

PET is a highly recyclable plastic material, and after recycling it becomes rPET, a strong, durable and infinitely recyclable material that is commonly used for packaged foods and drinks.

Once reprocessed, rPET can be used to make new plastic bottles or other items. It supports the recycling industry, saves energy and resources, and diverts these plastics from landfills.

According to Global Standards, rPET generates 75 per cent less CO2 emissions, requires less energy compared to virgin PET production, and has a better overall ecological balance than glass and single-use aluminium cans.

Alan Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Agthia Group, said: “We have been in active conversations with the UAE government and other stakeholders to develop a system for the collecting, recycling, and reuse of PET-based packaging. We are delighted that these efforts are bearing fruit.

“Sustainability is increasingly influencing the purchase decision in the UAE. With growing awareness, consumers are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint and search for products that help them in achieving this. A universally essential commodity, such as bottled water, delivered in sustainable packaging can have a substantial influence on reducing plastic waste in the UAE, contributing directly to the UAE's efforts to reach Net Zero by 2050, particularly during the Year of Sustainability.”

Al Ain Water has a growing range of sustainably packaged water bottles including the Middle East’s first 100 per cent plant-based water bottle that is completely biodegradable and compostable within 80 days.

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