Total electricity production fell by 7% in January 2024 to 1,440 gigawatt hours (including self-generated renewable energy), according to the monthly report on the energy situation for January 2024 published by the National Observatory of Energy and Mines.

Electricity production for local consumption dropped by 3% over the same period. Electricity purchases from Algeria and Libya covered 15% of the local market's needs in January 2024.

The Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) still has the lion's share of electricity production, accounting for 97% of domestic production in January 2024. Electricity generated from natural gas (STEG + IPP) decreased by 8%. Electricity from renewable energy sources accounted for 4.7%.

According to the report, electricity sales fell by 11% between January 2023 and January 2024.

Sales to high-voltage customers decreased by 24%, while sales to medium-voltage customers also fell slightly by 2%.

Industrial consumers remain the largest electricity consumers, accounting for 84% of total demand from high-voltage consumers in January 2024.

Most sectors recorded a decrease in sales, mainly paper and publishing (-14%), extractive industries (-8%) and The building materials, ceramics and Glass industries (-20%), while sales increased in food and tobacco (+15%) and tourism (+12%).

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