RIO DE JANEIRO — Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cabinet Member, and Envoy for Climate Affairs, emphasized Saudi Arabia's goal to become one of the world's largest energy suppliers in all forms, including clean, renewable, and traditional sources.

He made the remarks at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) PRIORITY Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

During his dialogue session, Al-Jubeir outlined the Kingdom's comprehensive energy strategy, which not only continues to leverage petroleum but also significantly invests in clean and renewable energy technologies.

Highlighting the nation’s initiatives, Al-Jubeir mentioned the development of one of the world's largest hydrogen projects in NEOM, northern Saudi Arabia, as a testament to these ambitions.

He reiterated the importance of efficient energy production and minimal waste to help preserve Earth's natural resources.

Al-Jubeir also detailed the targets of Saudi Vision 2030, focusing on enhancing the quality of life, empowering youth, and attracting investments to promote stability, growth, and prosperity in the Kingdom.

Stressing the importance of international cooperation, he underscored the need for convergence and communication among nations to enhance global cooperation and stability, particularly in addressing climate challenges. Saudi Arabia’s strategic geographic location, linking three continents and surrounded by vital waterways, plays a crucial role in its emergence as a significant player in the global energy markets and as a proactive global investor.

Showcasing Saudi Arabia’s leadership in environmental stewardship. the minister highlighted the Middle East Green Initiative as a key initiative that promoted international collaboration on climate issues.

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