Riyadh: The Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Saudi Water Partnership Company, Eng. Abdulrahman AlFadley, has officially signed the Rayis-Rabigh Independent Water Transmission Pipeline agreement.

This substantial pipeline boasts an impressive transmission capacity of up to 500,000 cubic meters daily, stretching across 150 kilometres.

AlFadley emphasized the critical role of private sector involvement in the water sector's development across all regions of the Kingdom, aligning with the objectives of Vision 2030.

He underscored the importance of enhancing service quality and optimizing expenditure efficiency by tapping into the private sector's expertise in construction, operation, and management.

AlFadley also highlighted that this agreement aligns with the Ministry's strategic goals, aimed at executing water transmission projects in collaboration with investors throughout Saudi Arabia.

The CEO of the Saudi Water Partnerships Company, Engineer Khaled AlQurayshi, emphasized that the Raysis-Rabigh Independent Water Transmission Pipelines project is pioneering in the region for water transportation and is being developed in collaboration with the private sector.

AlQurayshi elaborated that this initiative will significantly enhance water transmission efficiency, and reduce electricity consumption, and operational costs. Furthermore, it will bolster local content by increasing localization in terms of labour and resources. He clarified that the project was offered to investors under a Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer ("BOOT") framework.

This project garnered considerable interest, with 31 companies, including 14 from Saudi Arabia, expressing interest. Ultimately, the project was awarded to an alliance formed by the Saudi company Al-Kharif for Water and Energy Technology and the Spanish company Cobra.

AlQurayshi also mentioned that the project's operations are scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2026.

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture is committed to fostering an advanced and attractive investment environment to strengthen partnerships with the private sector. This objective is being achieved through the development and presentation of investment plans and initiatives that offer optimal investment opportunities.

It also involves empowering investors to access a diverse range of investment prospects. These efforts contribute significantly to the Ministry's strategic objectives in the fields of environment, water, and agriculture.