Makkah: Makkah witnessed its highest-ever electrical load yesterday, reaching 5,361 megawatts. This marks a 20% increase compared to the same day last year (4,451 megawatts).

The Saudi Electricity Company's operations center in the holy sites diligently manages the electrical grid throughout the Hajj. This includes Makkah, Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah. During this year's Hajj season, it closely collaborates with relevant authorities.

The company's personnel are overseeing electrical services with high reliability. They are fully prepared to handle any surge in demand and address emergencies.

Additionally, they conduct regular maintenance and promptly respond to customer reports received through the Unified Security Operations Center (933) or the company's social media channels. This ensures a response time of within one minute, thanks to modern technologies like smart meters, fiber networks, and the expertise of the system management team.

The center's core functions include managing the electrical network, monitoring power loads, guaranteeing service reliability, and implementing remote or on-site technical interventions by specialized teams positioned across the holy sites.

Notably, this year's Hajj season benefits from the implementation of cutting-edge remote-control technologies throughout the holy area.