Egypt achieved a remarkable increase in sales of Shell Rimula diesel engine oils, ranking first in the world. This reflects the continuous efforts of the Shell Lubricants Egypt team and the effective marketing plans implemented by the company during the year.

The Egyptian team was honored by senior Shell International officials, led by Parminder Kohli, Senior Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Shell Lubricants, and other Shell International officials, at the global diesel engine conference “Shell Ultimate Stopover 2023” in Dubai.

The annual conference “Shell Ultimate Stopover 2023” discussed the prospects of the trucking industry and how to enhance its progress in cooperation with advanced technologies that contribute to the development of the transport sector and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, especially from heavy trucks that travel long distances and account for about 41% of carbon dioxide emissions.

The demand for trucks is expected to grow until 2050, which necessitates taking urgent measures to improve their efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

Alternative technologies Experts at the “Shell Ultimate Stopover 2023” conference stressed that the transition to electric vehicles requires many changes in the current use of transport trucks, as well as alternative technologies that have low or zero emissions, such as hydrogen and renewable natural gas.

Some companies have already started to adopt these technologies and use them to optimize their operations and increase their truck performance.

Oil monitoring technology Collaboration is also considered an important factor in the transport industry to meet new challenges. The oil industry is one of the most innovative sectors due to its increased collaborative processes between partners in the value chain, such as oil suppliers and distributors. This collaboration has a direct impact on shortening the supply chain and investing in complementary industries. For example, in the case of oils, there are additional digital services such as oil and fluid monitoring technology, which uses sensors installed in oils to monitor their performance and predict changes or failures in the truck caused by oil.

Transport companies are looking for more cooperation with oil producers to produce co-branded products or enter into partnerships, as well as expanding their own branded products to produce their oils to take advantage of the growing demand for premium grades.

A good example of this is the successful relationship between Shell and major truck manufacturers such as Scania, where the two companies collaborate on product development to find the best products for their needs.

The third theme of the “Shell Rimula Diesel Engine Conference”, “Shell Ultimate Stopover 2023”, highlighted the benefits of combining technologies to achieve more efficiency, as the report of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) indicated that leading heavy-duty trucks in the United States benefit from combining technologies and practices that save efficiency.

These benefits include the powertrain, body and chassis, connectivity, and advanced driver assistance systems, all of which contribute to reducing fuel consumption.

This will lead to an increased demand for low-emission supply chains, an acceleration in issuing appropriate regulations and laws, and a development of technology, which has prompted many transport companies to expand their electric trucks to provide better solutions, which will accelerate operational and sustainable growth in the transport sector.

Transport service providers can offer a comprehensive package of services to help lower total costs, including energy services, electric vehicles, digital offers.

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