DUBAI - The planet is facing an accelerated change year after year due to climate change, causing extreme weather conditions, with some regions experiencing severe heat waves and more prolonged droughts and others seeing more rainfall and floods.

This pushes us to find green alternatives that allow us to take advantage of our natural resources, thus changing the paradigm for future generations. In this context, Chile has embarked on an arduous journey to maximise its varied territory of 4,300 kilometres, with the impressive winds of Tierra del Fuego in the south and the highest radiation on the planet in the Atacama Desert in the north. These solutions will be presented at the Chilean pavilion at the 24th edition of the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar Show from 27th to 29th September, 2022, in Dubai.

In 2021, three Chilean companies took part in the first trade mission to prospect the market in the UAE, demonstrating the commitment of Chile to using non-conventional renewable energies (which then had an installed capacity of 11,400 MW, nine percent more than in 2010), with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition, Suncast closed an agreement with Engie, while HH Solar, which already had a presence in Dubai, expanded its field of work, establishing important networks with other partners in the region.

This year, ProChile, the national export promotion agency, will again be present at WETEX and Dubai Solar Show with companies that work with solutions and utilisation based on renewable energy. This sector is gaining more strength every day, considering that Chile ranks first as a destination for investment in renewable energies (Climatescope 2020, Bloomberg) and also leads in solar energy in Latin America (Bid Invest).

Today, the challenge for the sector in Chile is to continue to develop and collaborate with destinations such as Dubai, which is witnessing a significant expansion in the use of renewable and clean energy. This edition of WETEX will be the prelude to COP28, which will take place in the UAE next year.