Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a leading financial institution, is gearing up to host two panel sessions at COP28. The two days sessions, scheduled for December 3rd and December 5th, will unite distinguished leaders from the financial sector to delve into how the Islamic finance industry can assume a more strategic role in the net-zero transition.

With a keynote address by James Cameron – Owner James Cameron Co., the first panel will also feature renowned figures such as Mustafa Adil - LSEG, Christian Kunz - DIFC, Dr. Mohamed Damak - SP Global Ratings, Sohail Zubairi - DSFWG Islamic Finance Group, and Rafe Haneef – MBSM, and Lamia Hariz, Head of ESG, Corporate Communications, Marketing Investor Relations at ADIB. The first day of panel discussions on 3rd December at the Climate Hub will emphasise 'Leveraging Islamic Finance to Achieve the Net Zero Transition'. This session will delve into how the Islamic finance industry can strategically contribute to the net-zero transition while expanding its profitability and market presence.

On 5th December, the second session, 'Empowering Society Through Financial Resilience,' will include keynote speaker Adrian Hayes – Coach and Social Commentator and assemble a panel of industry leaders including Omar Shaikh - Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI), Naveen Raza - HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, Dr. Abdelilah Belatik - CIBAFI, and Mohamed Abdelbary - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, to explore avenues for enhancing societal resilience through financial measures.

Lamia Hariz, Head of ESG, Corporate Communications, Marketing Investor Relations at ADIB, said, "With finance playing an important role in addressing climate change issues, ADIB is proud to host these panel discussions that delve into important topics in the finance industry. There is a clear link between Islamic and green finance, and the bank is always exploring opportunities to mobilise capital for green projects. Similarly, the concept of sustainable financing and inclusive social development is one that is ingrained in the DNA of Islamic financing. ADIB has long been a supporter of projects and initiatives that positively contribute to the social fabric of the communities which they serve. It is our hope that continued discussion of these topics will raise awareness regarding the role that Islamic financial institutions play in the transition to a sustainable future.”

As the region stands on the cusp of rapid acceleration of climate action, ADIB is proud to be at the forefront of these efforts as an Associate Pathway Partner of COP28. Alongside hosting two panel sessions, the bank will actively participate in a series of thought leadership initiatives centred around sustainable finance and the net-zero transition.