Ukraine said on Friday it had launched drone attacks on several oil refineries and military centres in southern Russia, which Moscow said killed one person.

Russia said it had neutralised 114 drones.

Kyiv has carried out several attacks on Russian oil refineries in recent months, arguing they are fair targets given that they fuel Moscow's military.

Russia has also launched dozens of devastating attacks on Ukrainian power plants.

Kyiv's army said it launched the drones against "the Afipskiy, Ilskiy, Krasnodar and Astrakhan oil refineries" and a radio and intelligence centre in the southern Russia.

It also said it targeted a drone preparation and storage area in Krasnodar, which resulted in a "series of explosions and a fire with subsequent detonation".

The defence ministry in Moscow said: "Russian anti-aerial defence systems intercepted and destroyed 70 drones over Crimea and the Black Sea, 43 drones over the Krasnodar region and one drone over Volgograd."

In Krasnodar, one person was killed in a drone attack near Yuzhny train station, local governor Venyamin Kondratyev said on Telegram.

Several administrative buildings at an oil refinery in Severski district were also damaged, he said.

Ukraine, which has battled the Russian military offensive for more than two years, has in recent months upped its attacks on Russian territory, targeting energy sites.

Russian missile and drone attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure have crippled the country's power generation capacity and have forced Kyiv to impose rolling blackouts and import electricity from the European Union.