Ukraine said it blew up a railway bridge in Russia's southwestern Samara region on Monday because it was being used to transport "military cargo".

The incident is the latest in a string of explosions targeting Russia's rail network, which Kyiv says Moscow uses to move troops and equipment for its invasion of Ukraine.

"A railway bridge over the Chapaevka River in Russia's Samara region was blown up. On 4 March 2024, at around 6:00 am (0200 GMT), the bridge was damaged by blowing up its support structures," Ukraine's military intelligence said.

Russia was using the railway line to transport ammunition from a plant in the town of Chapayevsk, it said.

"Given the nature of the damage to the railway bridge, its use will not be possible for a long time," it added.

Russia's railway operator announced earlier that "an intervention by non-authorised persons" had caused the incident but said that no-one had been injured.

"Rail traffic is suspended for the moment at this section," it said.

"An explosive device damaged a pillar on a rail bridge" over the Chapaevka river, Russia's official TASS agency quoted a source in the rescue services as saying.