Two drones damaged buildings in the centre of the southern Russian city of Krasnodar, the regional governor said Friday, the latest in a spate of aerial attacks on regions near Ukraine.

While other Russian regions have been repeatedly targeted by attacks, Krasnodar -- which lies east of the Moscow-annexed Crimea -- has been relatively unaffected.

The announcement came after the governor of the western Belgorod said it was pummelled by attacks overnight and after social media reports of an explosion in Krasnodar.

"The cause of the morning incident on Morskaya street in the regional capital was the fall of two drones," governor Veniamin Kondratiev said in a statement on Telegram.

"There is damage to buildings, but key infrastructure was not damaged. And most importantly, there were no casualties."

He thanked the city's services and said "investigations are ongoing."

Morskaya Street is a central street in Krasnodar, near the city's hotels and bars.

Many Russians pass through Krasnodar -- a city of around one million people -- on their way to resorts on the Black Sea.

Krasnodar lies 250 kilometres east of a bridge built by the Kremlin to connect the Russian mainland to annexed Crimea.

The bridge was damaged by an explosion in October last year.