Russian drone and rocket attacks on Ukraine throughout Tuesday injured more than a dozen people, Ukrainian officials said.

Nine were wounded, including four children, in the southern city of Odesa, by falling debris from an overnight drone attack, the emergency services said.

The port city on the Black Sea has been targeted by Russian missile and drone attacks since the start of the two-year war.

"As a result of Russian terror, residential buildings were damaged and there was a fire," Ukraine's state emergency services said Tuesday in a post on Telegram.

The army command for the south of the country said a falling drone that was shot down by air defences caused the damage.

The emergency services posted photos and videos showing a building on fire, rescuers sifting through the rubble and consoling residents.

Two of the four children injured there were under a year old.

Later in the day, a rocket attack on the Dnipropetrovsk region left four people hospitalised, Governor Sergiy Kysak said in a post on Telegram.

Another person was injured by falling drone debris in the Mykolaiv region, the governor said.

The air force said it downed 15 or 16 Russian drones fired at Ukrainian territory overnight.

Russia also fired two ballistic missiles, Ukraine said, but did not say whether they hit their targets.

Some of the drones were fired at the capital Kyiv, the city administration said.