RIYADH — As Saudi Arabia hosts the United Nations' World Environment Day, a spotlight is cast on the nation's leaders in sustainability. Red Sea Global (RSG) stands out with its commitment to pioneering environmental stewardship and regenerative tourism, fueled by the dedication of its specialists. This feature delves into the journeys and contributions of three figures: Jory Mayoof, Fatimah Alkhowildi, and Faisal Bin Abdulwahed, whose efforts are emblematic of the sustainable future RSG is striving to create.

Jory Mayoof: Guarding Terrestrial Ecosystems

Specializing in Environmental Terrestrial Programs, Jory Mayoof's role at RSG is a testament to her deep-seated passion for the environment. With a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, Mayoof has immersed herself in groundbreaking projects such as mangrove plantations and habitat restoration. Her work not only aims to preserve but to regenerate, ensuring that every initiative contributes positively to the ecosystem.

"My work allows me to immerse myself in projects that fuel my passion and commitment to preserving our natural resources," Mayoof explains. Her involvement in tree rescue programs and biodiversity conservation underscores a profound commitment to nurturing and safeguarding the environment.

Fatimah Alkhowildi: Pioneering Sustainable Hospitality

Fatimah Alkhowildi, a Specialist in Sustainable Hospitality Operations, brings a unique blend of environmental engineering and hospitality management to her role. A graduate of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Alkhowildi is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of the hospitality industry while enhancing guest experiences.

"By implementing eco-friendly practices, I contribute to resource conservation and inspire both guests and industry peers to embrace sustainability," says Alkhowildi. Her work is a crucial component in fostering a culture of sustainability within the tourism sector, pivotal for a region rapidly becoming a top global tourist destination.

Faisal Bin Abdulwahed: Shaping a Sustainable Corporate Vision

As a Senior Specialist in Sustainability Performance, Faisal Bin Abdulwahed's extensive experience in environmental sciences and sustainability shapes RSG's strategic approach to environmental stewardship. His academic background, with degrees from Utrecht University and the University of Manchester, equips him with the expertise to drive significant positive impacts across economic, environmental, and social spheres.

Bin Abdulwahed notes, "Awareness and corporate accountability are more critical now than ever. It's about integrating sustainability in every facet of our operations to ensure long-term environmental health." His leadership in data analysis and sustainability reporting is crucial in setting and exceeding environmental standards at RSG.

As Saudi Arabia celebrates World Environment Day, the work of Mayoof, Alkhowildi, Bin Abdulwahed, and others at Red Sea Global highlights the Kingdom's commitment to sustainability. Their endeavors not only support Saudi's environmental goals but also demonstrate how integrated, practical solutions can lead to substantial global impacts. Through their stories, RSG illustrates the powerful confluence of passion, expertise, and visionary leadership driving the future of sustainable tourism and environmental conservation.

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