Islamabad: Pakistan, in order to cater to its economic downfall, once again raised the prices of domestic natural gas. This action has now become the reason for a countrywide revolt.

On Sunday, several citizens of Pakistan's capital, Karachi, gave their reactions to the government's decision, and underlined how they already suffer because of Pakistan's continuously deteriorating economic conditions.

A Dhaba (small restaurant) owner from Karachi named Irfan stated that "the price rise has now become a joke, and we are suffering. Now even the government seems to have failed, and we are now tired of complaining. We are not able to pay the gas bills, my own bill stands at 4 Lakh Pakistani rupees (PKR), and I don't have that much income. People are cutting down on their important food items, after the gas price hike. I don't know what the administration is thinking and what they will do next".

While pointing at a nearby gas cylinder, Irfan added, "I am facing a lot of difficulty, this cylinder costs me PKR 12500. And we pay the cost of these cylinders in parts. We pay a thousand rupees daily. You can look towards the tables all are empty as there is no gas. And hence I don't have much income. Even the cylinders that we buy to make our businesses run is not of pure quality, I believe water is mixed into it and hence the cylinders don't have adequate pressure".

Abid, a man who works as a daily wage worker, mentioned, "I would request the government to please give us some relief, as the shopkeepers are suffering and so do we. The prices of other things are also rising and we have to buy these necessary items like milk sugar, wheat, and flour and even the rent of our homes is too high. I have come here to Karachi, to earn for my family from Skrand (a city in Sindh) I earn only PKR 900 after a full day of labor work and my rent is PKR 7500 at the end of the month I can save nothing".

Abid also added "For the last six months I have been cooking my food by burning wood. I have changed at least three houses as the homeowners don't allow me to cook with wood, but what can I do? When I purchase gas it is around PKR 300 per kg. Tell me what can I do".

Another labourer, named Jan Muhammad added that he is not able to afford the education of his kids. And is barely managing the other necessities for his family. Muhammad further requested the government to give them some relief as it is now the question of their survival.

Another citizen from Karachi, Muhammad Imran Zia said "People are talking about just gas, however, the prices of all household items have been raised. And we have now given up, we don't have any hope now. The funny thing is, that we are not able to get gas through pipelines most of the days. We get gas for only two days, and we are paying high bills as if we are burning more than what is needed".

He further added that "firstly there were saying that the situation will improve after the elections, but nothing has improved so far. And there is no hope for the future, as all people are suffering. Not just gas prices of all items should decrease and there should be higher scopes of employment. The low income of the general public also gives rise to petty crimes. Situations like these, force the hands of most righteous people too to commit crimes. As they also have to feed their families".

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