DUBAI - Noor Dubai Foundation said that it is continuing to offer its eyecare programme to the forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals (FDMNs) in Cox's Bazar, by provide screening, early diagnosis and treatment from blinding eye conditions.

The outreach programme was launched by Noor Dubai back in 2019, to serve the needs of FDMNs.

The programme provides easy accessibility to vision screening centres located within the camps to screen around 200,000 people currently living in each camp. Partners of Noor Dubai, from Bait El Sharaf hospital provide the logistic support to transport patients to the nearest hospital to undergo the surgical treatment needed.

According to the medical team, there are around 10,000 FDMNs annually in need of Cataract surgery and the backlog of surgeries is increasing. This is because of aging, and the malnutrition that many faces. Children are also at risk of losing their sight due to uncorrected refractive errors and blindness from acute vitamin A deficiency.

Noor Dubai outreach programme will continue till April to provide screening services to around 200,000 FDMNs living in each camp, and will conduct 1,000 Cataract surgeries to those in need. The programme is planned to resume its activities following the holy month of Ramadan