Riyadh: The Investment Minister, Khalid Al-Falih, has emphasized that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in implementing its ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, having already achieved half of its objectives. The country is on track to double the size of its economy and diversify its investment areas, aiming to become one of the world's largest economies. Since 2016, Saudi Arabia has reached a GDP of USD 1.7 trillion.

Al-Falih made these comments while participating in a discussion panel at the Financial Sector Conference titled "Investments for Tomorrow: The 13 Strategic Sectors". The event was attended by several notable individuals, including Co-Head of Global Markets at Societe Generale, Alexandre Fleury, President of Goldman Sachs International, Todd Leland, and President of Global Markets for Bank of America, Jim DeMare.

The minister stated that the Kingdom continues to grow in various sectors, such as the energy sector, including oil, gas, and renewable energy, which contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of the economy. Furthermore, significant opportunities will be available in all of the Kingdom's economic sectors.

Al-Falih also highlighted that the financial sector is a crucial component of any economy worldwide. Saudi Arabia is one of the most attractive markets for investment, offering a balance between risks and returns, as well as profitable opportunities.

The minister called on the international community to take advantage of the opportunities available in the Kingdom by attending various conferences, including the Investment Initiative and the Financial Sector Conference. These events focus on attracting different types of capital from around the world.

The participants in the event reviewed several growth sectors dedicated to investors, enabling them to integrate deeply into the Saudi economy. The discussions included ways to change policies, research, and development, implement reforms to support the investment strategy, accelerate support for the financial sector in investment and partnerships, explore investment opportunities in the Kingdom and the importance of international cooperation and joint investment models to achieve further diversification and enhance the world's economy.