The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) announced the launch of the upgraded stand-alone iVestor App, a digital platform set to offer digital financial management for investors.

The iVestor app allows direct subscription in IPOs and Arena opportunities and underscores DFM's commitment to enhance investment accessibility and efficiency in the region. Moreover, the app provides investors with a convenient snapshot of their securities portfolio with DFM and their market value.

Developed in collaboration with Emirates NBD and Network International, the iVestor card, initially introduced in 2010, improved dividend receipt for investors. Today, the newly evolved iVestor App expands its functionality, empowering users with a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline financial management.

The app allows investors to onboard seamlessly, subscribe to both public and private offerings, track spending, monitor their securities portfolio and conveniently manage dividends – all through their smartphones.

Additionally, the app facilitates easy top-ups and transfers, allowing users to send and receive money between iVestor accounts in just a few clicks. Users can create saving goals with automated actions that align with their financial objectives and apply for virtual cards for secured online shopping. Investor's can also onboard their children on iVestor and help them build their financial knowledge through IPO investments and track their spending within the configured limits.

Moreover, the app is seamlessly connected with the xCube trading app, enabling users to transfer funds and commence trading immediately. The app also simplifies shared expenses, allowing users to split bills.

The iVestor app is built to empower users to take control of their finances, while also offering unparalleled accessibility to capital market investment opportunities on a secure and convenient platform.

DFM's CEO, Hamed Ali, commented, "We are pleased to introduce the upgraded iVestor App, marking a significant step forward in digital financial management for investors. The platform reflects our commitment to delivering seamless solutions to our valued investors, enhancing their digital investment experience.

"The evolved iVestor app will serve as an integral component of ARENA, integrating with the market platform for initial private offerings. By harnessing technology and fostering collaboration, we are reshaping the marketplace to be more inclusive and efficient for all stakeholders."