DUBAI: The outputs of COP28 and the “historic” deal are hitting the headlines across the world.

AFP (Agence France Presse) published the story under the title “France Calls Dubai Deal A Victory On Climate And Nuclear”.

“France on Wednesday said a climate agreement reached at COP28 was a victory including for its endorsement of nuclear power, of which Paris is a major advocate”, said the Agency.

AFP quoted the French Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher: “The COP28 agreement that has just been adopted is a victory for multilateralism and climate diplomacy”.

“COP28 president announces approval of historic climate deal”, wrote Xinhua News Agency. They mentioned earlier that China appreciates UAE efforts in preparing for UN climate conference that concluded today in Dubai with parties agreeing to the text for a final climate deal.

Al Arabiya mentioned that when the COP28 President Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber “announced the successful consensus, he was given a standing ovation as several countries cheered the deal for accomplishing something that has never happened in decades of climate talks”.

Washington Post called the deal “a breakthrough climate agreement”.

“The deal came swiftly – with no discussion or objection – in a packed room in Dubai following two weeks of negotiations and rising contention. It is the first time a global climate deal has specifically called to curb the use of fossil fuels,” Washington Post said.

India Today in the story titled “COP28 deal: All you need to know about the landmark decision at Dubai summit” mentioned that the deal is seen as a pivotal moment signalling the potential end of the oil age.

“The deal has been celebrated by various nations”, wrote India Today.

Euronews called the deal a significant step, adding that “Negotiators at United Nations COP28 climate talks agreed Wednesday the world must transition away from planet-warming fossil fuels, a significant step toward shifting how the world is powered.”

Russian news agency (TASS) titled its story with a statement from COP28 Director-General Majid Al Suwaidi who said that final document considers all sides' interests.

“He said that a balanced result was being searched for that takes into account various positions”, mentioned the Agency.

In the story under the title “Dubai climate talks: What did they achieve?” Deutsche Welle mentioned that this year's climate conference “started off on a high”.

“Delegates from more than 190 countries officially launched a loss and damage fund on the first day of the talks,” Deutsche Welle mentioned. The story also highlights several other initiatives that were announced or advanced during COP28, such as the pledge to double energy efficiency and triple the world's installed renewable energy capacity by 2030 and the 2021 Global Methane Pledge.