The Green Zone at COP28, located in Expo City Dubai, provides visitors with an informative and engaging experience. This interactive area aims to raise awareness about sustainability principles, environmental protection, the goals of COP28, and the UAE's role in achieving climate neutrality.

The Green Zone attracted a large number of visitors today, especially school children. Participating pavilions offered diverse and inspiring activities that reflected the conference's goals of inclusivity and multilateral action. These activities encouraged community participation in climate action.

Visitors commended the UAE's successful organisation of COP28 and appreciated the Green Zone's unique offerings that catered to different segments of society, including families, children, and students. They highlighted the UAE's message of collective action to protect the planet and ensure sustainable development for future generations.

Several distinguished pavilions were on display in the Green Zone. The Women's Pavilion, designed as an exhibition, took visitors on a journey under the slogan "The prosperity of women equals the prosperity of humanity."

The 'Indigenous Peoples' Ceremonial Circle' provided a dedicated space to emphasize the critical role of indigenous communities in environmental and biodiversity conservation and their contributions to combatting climate change.

The Energy Transition Changemakers pavilion served as a platform for communication, collaboration, and the exchange of visions, strategies, and solutions for addressing climate change. It provided a central hub for leaders and innovators to showcase their sustainability plans and forge strategic partnerships that accelerate the path towards climate neutrality.

The Knowledge Hub facilitated collaboration between NGOs, ministries, local government departments, and their partners. This platform offered a space to share experiences and solutions related to specific challenges arising from climate change.

The Technology and Innovation Hub acted as a convergence point for cutting-edge technology and aspiring ideas and visions. This hub aimed to generate innovative solutions for tackling climate change and achieving the 1.5-degree goal.

The Humanitarian Hub in the Green Zone aimed to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on people and life. It inspired visitors to take action and address climate-related risks. This hub showcased initiatives from various partners and stakeholders.

The "Greening Education Hub – Legacy from the Land of Zayed" continued hosting various events throughout COP28. This hub brought together government officials, policymakers, experts, teachers, students, and representatives from public and private sectors to discuss, learn, and share knowledge about climate education under the Greening Education Partnership framework.