Francesco La Camera, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), affirmed that COP28 is different from other editions as it would be the first COP to see discussions on the Global Stocktake, the assessment of countries' efforts to implement the Paris Agreement.

He said it is very clear that countries have not performed as required to help achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

What we expect from this COP is reaching a clear understanding of the gap between where we should be and where we are, La Camera added, noting that this gap must be bridged. He explained that the Global Stocktake is set to guide us back to the right path.

Regarding the calls for following through on climate pledges, especially in terms of finance, the IRENA Director-General called for reshaping international cooperation mechanisms, especially in continents like Africa and Southeast Asia, where building infrastructure is necessary, highlighting his hope that this may also reduce climate inequality in the medium- and long-terms.

We see a growing momentum in providing assistance and bridging these gaps, La Camera went on to say, noting that the COP28 Presidency has done very well until now in pushing for the needed response.

He also highlighted the importance of renewables in getting back on track and achieving climate action goals.

He underscored the amazing progress seen in the renewable energy sector and the strides made by many countries, adding that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are pioneers in this area, having launched their net-zero strategies and roadmaps for green hydrogen production.