12 October 2015
The centre located at Dubai Healthcare City will be dedicated to diagnosis, investigation and treatment of all sleep disorders

The world famous London Sleep Centre (LSC), UK's acclaimed voice for sleep health and well-being, announced the launch of its Dubai affiliate at the Dubai Healthcare City in UAE. Geared up to be a convenient one stop solution for all sleep related concerns, the clinic provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to tackle the entire spectrum of sleep disorders. It is also the world's first clinic to have an integrated Dental Sleep Medicine TMJ service as part of its treatment offerings. The Centre aims to set a new standard of Sleep Medicine within the Gulf region with its team of highly specialised and experienced sleep experts.

Sleep is said to be essential for physical good health and emotional well-being. The launch of this centre comes amidst increasing awareness of sleeping disorders in the UAE and the need to tackle it clinically. It is estimated that about 24% men and 21% women in the UAE have sleep disorders related to Sleep Apnea. Experts have also time and again warned about sleep disorders, left untreated, leading to a number of serious ailments like hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and even stroke; not to mention 'driver fatigue', sleep-deprivation affecting safety and productivity in the workplace and an increase in addiction to prescribed sleeping pills all having their own serious consequences.

Renowned and experienced in diagnosing and treating a full range of Sleep Disorders right from Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders such as Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), to Insomnia, Narcolepsy and associated Neuro-Psychiatric conditions; The London Sleep Centre Dubai also specializes in providing Centre of Excellence approach to Dental Sleep Medicine, TMJ Disorders and Craniofacial pain. Its Scientific Diagnostic Assessments measure a variety of parameters in every patient's living, working and social environment thereby enabling an accurate real-time analysis providing for a precise diagnosis that assists with planning a tailor-made treatment plan.

Divulging further on the uniqueness of its offerings, Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim; celebrated Consultant Neuropsychiatrist and Medical Director at The London Sleep Centre Dubai said, "Everyone experiences occasional sleeping problems, but if you experience problems sleeping repeatedly, it could indicate an underlying health problem. There are approximately 80 different types of sleep disorders, the most significant being insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy. We specialize in treating people with these and many other sleep disorders and are qualified and experienced in helping patients make an informed decision along with providing the most appropriate treatment."

LSC's philosophy is based on the belief that every individual is unique and requires a treatment plan that incorporates the individual within their wider context as part of a family, community and society. This is why it combines science, medicine, psychology, social and holistic methods in its approach to every individual presenting with a sleep problem. The centre provides a unique integrated set of sleep diagnostic treatments and services and has on its panel an experienced team of Sleep Physicians, Sleep Neuro Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dental Sleep Medicine Sleep Specialists and Sleep Physiologists and Technologists.

Affiliated to The Harley Street UK based London Sleep Centre, this is the first fully integrated Sleep Diagnostic and Treatment facility in the GCC.


About The London Sleep Centre Dubai
Affiliated to UK based The London Sleep Centre on Harley Street; this Dubai division is the only fully integrated Sleep Diagnostic and Treatment facility in the GCC.

Located in Dubai Healthcare city, it provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to tackle sleep disorders caused by sleep-related breathing and conditions like Neuro-Psychiatric, medical and dental. It is world's first clinic to have an integrated Dental Sleep Medicine TMJ service as part of its treatment offerings.

Staffed by an International team of Sleep experts, the same as The London Sleep Centre on Harley Street; this state-of-art Sleep Clinic ensures expert care of clients with thorough assessment of disorders, accurate real time analysis and precise diagnosis whilst offering each of its clients a unique treatment plan.

The London Sleep Centre Dubai is headed by renowned Specialist Consultant Neuropsychiatrist in Sleep Disorders; Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim who's clinical interests covers the entire spectrum of sleep disorders including Insomnia, Behavioural Sleep Medicine, Parasomnias Narcolepsy and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. With a commitment towards research and treatment for sleep disorders that spans over two decades, he has recently launched the Dubai division in the wake of rise in number of lifestyle related sleep disorders in the region.

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