Syrve MENA, a leading provider of all-in-one POS solutions in the Middle East, today announced that over 60% of its food & beverage industry customers are now using AI for sales forecasting. This cutting-edge technology provides daily insights into the number of orders and the average order amount, with the flexibility to adjust these parameters by hours and order type.

Syrve MENA's AI system generates forecasts three weeks in advance, updating them at the beginning of each week. The forecasts can be tailored according to each client's preferences, proving invaluable for calculating quantities needed for meal preparations and distributor orders. Furthermore, Syrve's AI system seamlessly integrates weather forecasts into revenue planning. By simply inputting the restaurant's address, users can access weather forecasts and adjust their sales forecasts accordingly, ensuring preparedness for varying weather conditions.

AI offers superior accuracy compared to traditional manual methods, enabling businesses to forecast sales revenue more precisely. Additionally, AI empowers enterprises to develop enhanced product and service offerings by leveraging predictive analytics to identify future customer needs and trends. By adopting an AI-driven sales forecasting system, businesses can achieve many benefits, including improved profit margins, enhanced forecast accuracy, elevated customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices.

"Our customers are seeing real benefits from using AI for sales forecasting," said Alexander Ponomarev, CEO of Syrve MENA. "One of our clients, a popular fast-food chain, reduced its food waste by 10% and improved its inventory management by 15% after implementing our AI solution."

As Syrve MENA continues transforming the Middle East region's restaurant and retail landscape through its innovative AI-powered solutions, the company also reaffirms its commitment to sustainability at the COP28 climate summit. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

About Syrve MENA

Syrve is an international comprehensive all-in-one POS and MENA’s second-largest Restaurant Management Software solution. The company is working on innovative solutions for the food service market in UAE (+47 countries) to automatize bars, restaurants, and hospitality businesses.

Syrve MENA is based in Dubai and has been operating in MENA for four years, gaining more than 1200 customers of various types. Including the regional offices in MENA and Europe (the UK and Italy), Syrve operates in 54 countries.

Syrve POS’s clients include famous local and global large restaurant chains and small businesses, such as Karachi Darbar, Papa John’s, Baskin-Robbins, Carrefour, Yo Sushi, Gourmet Gulf, Le Pain Quotidien, Bulldozer Group, among others.

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