Dubai, UAE – Realiste, the pioneering proptech company in the UAE, uses its intelligent platform "Index" to predict three hyped projects in Dubai that might not provide substantial profitability to investors.

"Index", a sophisticated AI tool, analyzes a plethora of factors, including location, developer, project details, and historical price trends over the past three years, providing comprehensive insights into the real estate market. The platform also predicts future prices, considering aspects like master plans, available plots, and market supply and demand.

Based on the recent analysis, "Index" pinpoints three high-profile projects that may not yield a profitable return for investors.

  1. Iman Project in JVC: Despite the project's high quality and brisk sales during launches, the Iman Project in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) may not prove profitable. Its entry price is considerably higher than the JVC area average, potentially hindering unit sales and subsequent profits.
  2. Creek Harbour Project: Although situated in an enviable location, destined to become Dubai's second downtown, the Creek Harbour Project's current hiatus and high price may impede short-term profitability. While the project may yield returns over a decade, it is not projected to be profitable in the next 2-3 years.
  3. Nuba City Project: Despite its branding and high price, the Nuba City Project's less desirable location near an industrial zone may deter potential buyers, affecting its profitability.

"Index" suggests that the demand for properties in certain areas of Dubai will surge by 40% over the next three years. High demand in areas like Bluewaters makes property acquisition challenging. Meanwhile, projects with entry prices below the average, such as Arjan at $335, may yield substantial profitability.

Alex Galtsev, the founder of Realiste, affirmed, "Our objective is to leverage AI technology to help investors make informed and profitable decisions. As the real estate landscape evolves, we are committed to delivering the most accurate market analysis possible."


About Realiste

Realiste is an AI proptech company specializing in enabling investors to make data-driven decisions in real estate. Their intelligent platform, "Index", offers in-depth market analysis, aiding users to understand where and in what projects to invest for optimal appreciation and ROI.