Eman Al Shamsi, Director of the Development and Innovation Department at the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), stated that the rapid developments of the innovation system in the Ajman Chamber during the current year have directly contributed to achieving proactivity and leadership at the level of services, initiatives, and projects implemented by the (ACCI) to achieve its goals aimed at foreseeing and creating the future of business and enhancing competitiveness capabilities entrepreneurship in order to sustain and grow the business community.

Al Shamsi indicated that the year 2022 witnessed a variety of innovative initiatives and projects, including the launch of the "External Innovation Charter" to inform the community of the Chamber's directions and its adoption of an innovative system characterized by participatory and cooperation with community members by monitoring ideas and opinions and enhancing participation in the activities organized by the Chamber in the field of innovation. The Ajman Chamber, in cooperation with the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park and Sharjah Open Innovation Lab, implemented the advanced program for entrepreneurship and innovation in the industrial sector under the title "Future Makers", which aims to build knowledge and skills and enhance capabilities in the field of industrial design and manufacturing, and to monitor industrial investment ideas and opportunities based on the field of Innovation and its tools and foreseeing the future of the industry

Eman Al Shamsi confirmed that the Ajman Chamber was keen to provide a number of courses and workshops in the field of innovation for the employees of the Ajman Chamber, as it carried out a workshop from innovation to entrepreneurship, a NFT (Non-fungible token) course, a design thinking course using LEGO, an introductory workshop on trademarks in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, in addition to holding an innovation meeting to review the Ajman Chamber’s achievements in the field of innovation and honor the efforts of innovators

She added, "Ajman Chamber is keen to continue holding joint meetings between employees with the aim of providing a platform for brainstorming through the "Coffee Session" initiative and providing an opportunity to directly contribute to the development of operations and services, support proactiveness, and foreseeing the future in line with the aspirations of business owners and create a climate that supports the sustainability and growth of business.

The Development and Innovation Department in the Ajman Chamber also aims to develop its network of relations with government and private agencies concerned with innovation and development with the aim of exchanging experiences and reviewing best practices in order to achieve the Chamber's values based on leadership, innovation, proactivity, flexibility and partnership.