Dubai, UAE – Istituto Marangoni Dubai, a globally recognized name in fashion, design and art education, is at the forefront of integrating new technologies into its curriculum, recognizing its impact on the job market and the future of design.

Locally, the university debuted with the first phygital fashion show in Dubai presenting an innovative format that combined both real life and metaverse experiences. The institution is now launching cutting edge courses tailored for professionals, including CLO3D Fashion, Virtual Fashion, and Metaverse & Web3.

Globally, the Istituto Marangoni Group recently introduced the "I AM AI" digital fashion show format, a groundbreaking experience that showcases student collections in a fully immersive, AI-driven Metaverse world. This unprecedented initiative took fashion exhibitions to new heights by immersing audiences in the metaverse, transcending geographical boundaries and redefining the way we experience and interact with fashion. 

In addition, the group has incorporated AI, 3D modeling and VR into their curriculum to prepare the next generation of designers for the digital age. Roberto La Iacona, Director of Istituto Marangoni Dubai, commented: “New technologies can assist creatives in enhanching, supplementing, streamlining and reimagining their approach to design. While we recognize the importance of responsibly using these new technologies, it is crucial to provide our students with a platform for experimentation in the new digital world, creating ever greater spaces for engagement and innovation.”

The ‘CLO3D Fashion’ online short course equips students with skills to create, modify and perfect designs using CLO 3D software, the industry standard for 3D garment visualization. Students also learn the importance of sustainable fashion by reducing waste through virtual prototyping, gaining hands-on experience in creating realistic 3D models of garments that enhance design precision and creativity.

In the ‘Virtual Fashion’ course, participants gain a profound understanding of the metaverse, virtual fashion design principles, and the integration of Web3 concepts. They learn how to use AI as a tool to augment creativity and prepare for the frontier of fashion tech, which includes 3D printing, robotics, and the Internet of Things for wearable technologies.

The ‘Metaverse & Web3’ course covers topics such as Blockchain and Decentralized Systems, marketing and communication strategies for the metaverse, digital currencies and smart contracts, and digital collectibles and NFTs.

As digital tools open new perspectives on design and AI capabilities accelerate rapidly, Istituto Marangoni Dubai is expanding its courses offerings, ensuring regional creative talents and innovators stay at the forefront of design, art and fashion education.

About Istituto Marangoni

Istituto Marangoni was founded in 1935 in Milan as 'Istituto Artistico dell’Abbigliamento Marangoni’, and has been a top educational choice for creatives in the worlds of fashion, art and design for over 85 years now. With four generations of students from 5 continents, it was the springboard for over 45,000 luxury professionals, including Domenico Dolce, Alessandro Sartori, Paula Cademartori, Gilda Ambrosio, Julie de Libran and Nicola Brognano. Istituto Marangoni currently welcomes about 4,700 students from 107 different countries every year in its schools in the world capitals of fashion, art and design, including Milano, Firenze, Paris, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Miami.

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