The annual HSBC Ramadhan Masters Golf Series concluded at Ras Al Hamra golf club on Thursday 28th April with a presentation ceremony attended by representatives from HSBC and a large number of participants who represented all of the Muscat golf clubs.  Being the only floodlit golf course, Ras Al Hamra becomes the home of golf during the holy month of Ramadhan and provides a great venue for all golfers from Muscat and particularly those who are observing fasting during the day and finds it difficult to pursue their passion for the game of golf while fasting.

The HSBC Ramadhan Masters Golf Series is an annual recurring event at Ras Al Hamra golf club and consists of 12 events; including 9 individual and 3 pairs events. Participants are divided into 3 divisions based on their handicaps and compete within their respective divisions.  Three competition takes place 3 times a week in different formats with participants vying for both divisional and novelty prizes and the order of merit that runs throughout the month which will determine the winners and runner-up in each division. The month-long series saw more than 650 rounds of golf played and an average tournament participation of around 55 players.

This year’s HSBC Ramadhan masters golf series was supported by Al Felaij Watches and Altaf Ahmed Beg Trade The prize presentation ceremony was to award prizes to the overall order of merit winners in each division as well as the overall winner of the series who has accumulated most order of merit points during the month long series.

Carlos Moreno emerged as the overall winner of the order of merit with 78 order of merit points. Overall Gross order of Merit winner was Ahmed Al Wahaibi with a combined gross score of 141 and runner-up was Hussain Dad with a score of 145. Division 1 Order of Merit winner was Ferdie Gericke with 65 points and runner-up was Juan Moreno with 56 points. Division 2 Order of Merit winner was Elana Pienaar with 60 points and runner-up was Henry Geddam with 59 points. Division 3 Order of Merit winner was Mitrangshu Dutta with 40 points and runner-up was Wessel Pienaar with 36 points.

Simon Walker, Ras Al Hamra Golf Club Captain thanked all participants and sponsors who made it possible for the club to host this great event. With special thanks to Shawn Skibinsky, Ras Al Hamra Golf Club Operations Manager and his team who managed the month-long series in an impeccable way ensuring timely issuance of match draws and results announcements.