HAMBURG - The Lebanese government is believed to have purchased about 63,000 metric tons of wheat in a tender all expected to be sourced from Ukraine, European traders said on Thursday.

The wheat was sought for rapid shipment to Lebanon.

The purchase involved 57,000 tons bought at an estimated $248 a ton c&f free out with 7,500 tons for immediate shipment, 43,000 tons for shipment by June 25 and 6,500 for shipment by July 15.

Another 6,000 tons was bought at $247 per ton c&f free out for shipment by July 18.

Finance for the purchase is being provided by the World Bank as part of its continuing programme of wheat purchases to assist Lebanon during its difficult financial position, they said.

Reports reflect assessments from traders and further estimates of prices and volumes are still possible later.

(Reporting by Michael Hogan)