BENGHAZI - The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has intensified its relief efforts to alleviate the suffering of flood-affected people in Libya, as it continues its drive to deliver humanitarian support in the most affected areas, especially eastern Libya, in the form of food and medical supplies and shelter materials.

The ERC delegation and its relief team in Libya are continuing their operations to assess the on-ground situation and identify current needs to provide aid through ongoing shipments through its air bridge and support the Libyan people.

Hammoud Abdullah Al Junaibi, Acting Secretary-General of ERC, said that in implementation of the wise leadership’s directives, the Emirates Red Crescent has committed to providing all forms of support and relief to the Libyan people in the face of this disaster that resulted in massive loss of life and major damage to infrastructure.

Al Junaibi noted that the coming period will witness major extension in ERC’s relief programmes, reaffirming its humanitarian commitment to support affected people and mitigate the fallout of the floods in Libya.