Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi secured a resounding victory in the 2024 presidential elections, according to preliminary results released on Wednesday. With a vote share exceeding 80%, Al-Sisi comfortably defeated his three challengers: Farid Zahran (Social Democratic Party), Abdel-Sanad Yamama (Al-Wafd Party), and Hazem Omar (Republican People’s Party).

Public committees across the country reported Al-Sisi leading by a considerable margin, with his vote share ranging from 85% to 95%. While the final results will be officially announced on December 18th, these preliminary divs indicate a decisive victory for the incumbent president.

The National Elections Authority (NEA) has begun receiving the official results from each governorate after the general committees finished adjudicating any objections related to the ballot and counting process. This process involves verifying the number of ballot papers matches the number of voters and registered voters in each district.

Electoral appeals can be submitted to the NEA on Thursday, with decisions expected by Friday or Saturday. This will be followed by a final review of the results before the official announcement on Monday, December 18th.

This marks the fifth multi-party presidential election held in Egypt since 2005, and the third since the 2013 revolution. Approximately 67 million citizens were eligible to vote in this historic election, which was conducted across 11,631 subcommittees under the watchful eyes of 15,000 judges.

The NEA granted access to 24 embassies, 14 international organizations, 62 local civil society organizations, and over 500 media outlets to observe the elections and ensure transparency. Additionally, polling committees were established for expatriates to guarantee their right to vote regardless of their location.

With these preliminary results, President Al-Sisi appears poised to secure a third six-year term in office, solidifying his leadership in Egypt. The official announcement on December 18th will mark the definitive conclusion of a closely watched election.

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