SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 11 January 2024 - With a firm commitment to environmental responsibility, Carpetworkz, a leading carpet supplier in Singapore, is proud to introduce its reuse carpet service. The initiative is aimed at providing individuals and businesses with quality reused carpets at reduced prices while championing sustainability by contributing directly to waste reduction, promoting a circular economy in return.

Carpetworkz Leads the Way in Sustainability with Innovative Reused Carpet Services

Carbon footprint reduction

From energy-intensive manufacturing processes reliant on non-renewable materials to their disposal in landfills, carpets pose a substantial environmental challenge. The manufacturing alone accounts for significant greenhouse gas emissions, while their disposal leads to methane release, a potent greenhouse gas. This is where Carpetworkz’s reuse carpet service directly addresses these issues by extending carpets' lifecycles, curbing the demand for new production, and notably reducing the overall carbon footprint associated with carpeting.

Event-based sustainability

Carpetworkz’s approach to sustainability revolves around the retrieval, refurbishment, and repurposing of carpets post-events. The process begins with Carpetworkz's team swiftly retrieving used event carpets, thereby preventing these materials from being discarded as waste. Once collected, these carpets undergo a rigorous cleaning process that surpasses conventional cleaning methods. Specialised techniques are then employed to rejuvenate the carpets, ensuring they not only meet Carpetworkz's stringent quality standards but also exude a refreshed appearance akin to new carpet flooring. This unique practice showcases the company's dedication to environmental preservation but also underscores its commitment to offering a cost-effective solution to its clients.

“At Carpetworkz, we believe in the power of sustainable solutions, and our reuse carpet service aligns with our vision of providing high-quality flooring options while minimising environmental impact," said Jacob Tan, CEO at Carpetworkz. "We're excited to offer our customers an opportunity to be a part of our sustainability journey while making affordable, eco-conscious choices for their carpet flooring needs."

Team collaboration for sustainable impact

The recent collaboration between Carpetworkz and Tarkus Interiors during Singapore Design Week was a testament to the transformational impact of collective action in driving meaningful change. Their partnership not only showcased innovative design solutions but also served as an educational platform, inviting visitors to reconsider the lifecycle of materials and embrace the significance of incorporating reused elements into contemporary design.

In essence, this initiative represents a pioneering approach to environmental consciousness, while also emphasising a dedication to innovation and client-centric solutions that revolutionise the way Singaporeans view carpeting solutions.

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About Carpetworkz

Carpetworkz began its journey three decades ago by specialising in for exhibitions. It was here that they meticulously refined their craft, mastering the art of swift and precise project execution. Expanding further, the team at Carpetworkz ventured into interior projects, guiding clients in realising their design visions within set budgets.

The company’s forte lies in seamlessly merging operations with global sourcing, accessing a diverse network to secure top-quality carpets tailored precisely to the unique needs of each client. With an experienced team ensuring flawless installations and attention to detail, Carpetworkz guarantees to offer unparalleled carpet solutions, transforming spaces into showcases of elegance and comfort.