Saudi Arabia and the UK will hold a trade expo in Riyadh in May 2024, which will showcase investment opportunities aligned with Vision 2030.

A delegation of over 300 British business leaders, led by Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, will participate in the Saudi Great Futures event on May 14-15,  a statement from Dowden’s office stated.

The trade expo will emphasise research collaboration, emerging technologies, finance, green tech, sustainable construction and cultural projects.

The statement said that trade between the UK and Saudi Arabia surged to £16.5 billion ($20.4 billion) in 2022 from £12.1 billion in 2018.

“Our two nations work closely on security and energy,” said Dowden.

He added that the two nations anticipate strengthening those connections in new sectors that align with the Vision 2030 agenda.

(Editing by Brinda Darasha;