The UAE has underscored the need for intensifying international joint efforts to end the humanitarian crisis of the brotherly Palestinian people and achieve an immediate ceasefire to avoid further loss of innocent life, secure the delivery of urgent humanitarian aid, and help prevent the spillover of the conflict that threatens regional security and stability.

The statement was delivered by the UAE delegation led by Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Chairman of the National Media Office, participating in the extraordinary session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers (ICIM) held by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, Republic of Türkiye to discuss joint efforts to confront “the Israeli occupying authority’s disinformation and hostilities against journalists and media outlets in the occupied Palestinian territory.” The ICIM is attended by information ministers and ministers responsible for communication in the OIC Member States.

Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohammed Al Hamed underscored that since the beginning of the crisis, the UAE has intensified all diplomatic and humanitarian efforts aimed at halting escalation, restoring peace, and preserving civilian lives with a primary focus on safeguarding civilians, preserving facilities, and securing humanitarian corridors for the delivery of urgent relief and medical aid.

In this regard, Sheikh Abdulla highlighted the UAE’s firm efforts and endeavours, through its non-permanent membership at the UN Security Council (UNSC), that successfully led to the Security Council adopting Resolutions 2712 and 2720 (of 2023), which demand that tangible steps be taken to increase the necessary humanitarian aid flow to Palestinians, and safeguard the lives of UN employees and humanitarian workers on the ground in the Strip.

Sheikh Abdulla reaffirmed UAE’s strong condemnation of any forced displacement of the brotherly Palestinian people, and all practices that violate the resolutions of international legitimacy and international and humanitarian law. The UAE has been steadfast in its stance on calling for paving the path to achieving a just peace that guarantees security and stability for the region, which necessarily requires strong collaboration of key players in the international community to end all forms of extremism, tensions and violence, and to construct a viable political horizon to ensure a return to negotiations to achieve a comprehensive and just peace based on the “two-state solution” with an independent and sovereign Palestinian state.

Sheikh Abdulla stressed that the UAE, under the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, spares no effort to deliver urgent humanitarian and relief aid to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip through the "Gallant Knight 3" humanitarian operation, which aimed at mitigating the severity of the humanitarian conditions of the people of Gaza and alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable groups. This initiative has been launched in collaboration with several UAE institutions specialised in humanitarian and relief operations, and in close cooperation with all international humanitarian organisations for the purpose of delivering relief aid to the people in the Gaza Strip.

Sheikh Abdulla added that the UAE had operated an air bridge to transport relief and medical aid to the Gaza Strip as part of “Operation Gallant Knight 3”, under which UAE has managed to dispatch 185 cargo flights, 476 trucks and 2 cargo ships to deliver over 20,000 tonnes of essential supplies, mainly food, water and medical supplies.

He stated that the UAE’s humanitarian and relief aid included the establishment of six desalination plants, capable of producing 1.2 million gallons per day, directly benefiting Gaza residents, as well as setting up a fully-equipped field hospital in southern Gaza Strip supervised by an Emirati medical team. The hospital has treated over 4,755 urgent cases to date as part of UAE’s efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian brothers and support the ailing health sector in the Gaza Strip. The UAE has also set sail a fully integrated floating hospital for Al Arish, Egypt, to provide necessary medical support to the Palestinian people.

Sheikh Abdulla confirmed that as an extension of the UAE's continued efforts to offer relief assistance to the Palestinian people, H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has directed the provision of medical treatment at UAE hospitals for 1,000 children from the Gaza Strip and provide them with medical treatment prior to their safe return home. Separately, H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has also directed that another 1,000 cancer patients of all ages from the Gaza Strip to be flown to the UAE to receive treatment and all necessary healthcare in UAE hospitals.

Sheikh Abdulla concluded his speech by reiterating the UAE’s ongoing commitment to providing crucial humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza, and dedication to alleviating their suffering in line with the country’s commitment to supporting brotherly peoples during times of crisis and the values that underpin the UAE leadership and community.