Agriculture expert and founder of Green Gold Foods and Bewverages Limited, Oluwatomi Olatoye, has said that if properly utilised, Stevia will be the future of sugar in Nigeria.

Olatoye, an urban agriculture farmer and influencer in Nigeria with over 20years experience in growing herbs and spices and training others on home farming for health and wealth, stated that the consumption of Stevia as sweetener reduces spiking up sugar level in people living with diabetes.

“We are growing and promoting stevia because of its health benefits. A Stevia plant can stay in the soil for five years. It is an alternative to refined sugar for those who follow a regular or keto diet or those living with diabetes.” She said.

Olatoye, informed that she started growing Stevia in Nigeria in 2019 to encourage consumption of natural sweetener which research has proven can help to decrease number of diabetic patients in Nigeria. She noted that she is also out to encourage and help growers to earn foreign exchange as Stevia is an exportable crop.

She further informed that:”The Soil fertility and climate in Nigeria is well suitable to grow Stevia. The natural sweetener leaves can be harvested dried and ground into fine powder for consumption.

Stevia when processed into green powder, is 300 times sweeter than refined sugar.

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The greenish stevia powder helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth, and can be used as a natural sweetener with tea, pap, smoothies, cornflakes, etc.


Benefits of planting Stevia

You only need to plant on one plot to start making money from Stevia.There is no Fulani herdsmen threat to a Stevia farm. Even if it is 100km farm.A student with about 50 Stevia Seedlings can see himself through University by being a Stevia Seedlings producer.An office worker with 100 Seedlings doing the same thing might be able to leave his salary untouchedYour Stevia farm once planted lasts up to 4-5 years, with repeated harvesting. You can expand your Stevia farm from existing ones.No Thefts of your Stevia crops: Regular farm thieves do not know stevia and what to do with itNo need for farm fencing and security expenses.


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