Official travel overseas have been withheld by orders of the Liberian President. The 60 day travel ban is being undertaken to save the country’s depleted foreign currency holdings. Doing business in the country has been tough as fluctuation due to continuous fluctuation of the Liberian dollar. This had contributed to traders and business owners engaging in a protest to draw attention to the government on the crisis that befalls them in their businesses. The situation could also be affected by the business owners themselves as some business owners are known to travel overseas with money in their suitcases creating foreign exchange shortages.

The 60-day travel ban has been effected on all ministers and the heads of other government bodies as well as their deputies and assistants as issued from the president’s office – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. However, one may be permitted to travel overseas based on the urgency of the situation and its relation to national interest. The president is of the thought that many of her own officials spend huge amounts of money overseas and therefore the ban will aid is saving the holdings of the Liberian dollar.

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