7,400 hours of community service clocked by VFS Global volunteers

More than 21,000 individuals across 70+ countries benefited from community outreach initiatives 

VFS Global, the world’s foremost outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions, has substantially increased its investments in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community support initiatives. The recently released 2023 Integrated Sustainability Report highlights the company’s enhanced efforts in driving positive social impact across the globe.

Key CSR achievements:
• Over 60% Increase in CSR Investments: VFS Global increased its CSR investments by more than 60% compared to past year, underscoring its commitment to supporting communities worldwide.

• Expansion of CSR programmes: 
The company expanded its CSR initiatives to Australia, Indonesia, Jordan, and South Africa through strategic investments in targeted community programmes aligned with its focus areas of promoting education and empowering young people.

• Volunteer engagement: 
Over 3,000 volunteers contributed more than 7,400 hours of service, demonstrating the company’s dedication to volunteerism and community engagement.

VFS Global’s CSR initiatives are designed to create a positive impact on the communities where it operates. The company’s efforts have been recognised with multiple awards across the Middle East and South Asia for its community outreach programmes and employee volunteering initiatives.

The company’s commitment to community support is evident from the increase in the number of CSR projects and the substantial rise in direct beneficiaries of these initiatives. More than 21,000 individuals across 74 countries have benefited from VFS Global’s CSR activities.

Shireen Mistree, Head - ESG at VFS Global, commented, “The launch of the 5th Integrated Sustainability Report is a testament to the collective efforts of our workforce, partners, and stakeholders driving positive change. This report details the impact of our ESG initiatives and serves as a roadmap for our continued progress towards a more sustainable future.”

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About VFS Global
As the world’s leading outsourcing and technology service specialist, VFS Global embraces technological innovation including Generative AI to support governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The company manages non-judgmental and administrative tasks related to applications for visa, passport, and consular services for its client governments, increasing productivity and enabling them to focus entirely on the critical task of assessment. 

With a responsible approach to technology development, adoption and integration, the company prioritizes ethical practices and sustainability while serving as a trusted partner to 67 client governments. Operating over 3,353 Application Centres in 149 countries, VFS Global has efficiently processed more than 278 million applications since 2001.

Headquartered in Zurich and Dubai and backed by majority shareholder Blackstone, along with the Swiss-based Kuoni and Hugentobler Foundation and EQT, VFS Global is committed to creating value for all stakeholders and leading in responsible, innovative solutions making government services more effective and efficient.

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