DUBAI: The ongoing World Governments Summit (WGS) 2024, themed "Shaping Future Governments," is delving into critical topics. A key focus is the relationship between governments and the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Navigating the digital wave, a session titled "Governments and the Digital Future: Are We Prepared?" today explored the implications of digital transformation for governance. Industry leaders like Bloomberg's CTO Shawn Edwards and Global Technology Editor Nate Lanxon discussed the potential of generative AI in finance, highlighting both its promise for automation and decision-making, and the accompanying challenges like privacy concerns in algorithmic decision-making. The discussion emphasised the need for responsible implementation of AI in the financial sector.

Addressing the ever-widening gap between technological advancements and human adaptation, another session titled "A Ticking Clock: Technological Development and Regulation" brought together experts like Austria's State Secretary for Digitalization Florian Tursky, e& CEO Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, and Economist Impact's John Ferguson. The session explored opportunities for collaboration and innovative solutions to shape the future of technology, highlighting crucial policy considerations.

A global platform for engagement, WGS 2024 is a vibrant forum for discussion and action. With over 4,000 participants from diverse sectors, the summit features 110 interactive sessions led by 200 speakers from 80 international, regional, and intergovernmental organisations. Eight Nobel Prize winners will share their insights, and 23 ministerial meetings with over 300 ministers will foster international collaboration. Additionally, the summit will launch 25 strategic reports with key insights for navigating the future.