BERLIN - An international consortium with German participation signed an agreement with the Mauritanian government for a $34 billion green hydrogen project with an electrolyser capacity of up to 10 gigawatts, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) said on Wednesday.

The project will have a production capacity of up to 8 million tonnes of ammonia or other hydrogen-based end products annually, the newspaper said, citing the German company involved, Conjuncta.

The first phase of the project, to be located northeast of the coastal capital of Nouakchott in Western Africa, should be completed in 2028 with planned capacity of 400 megawatts, it said. Egypt's energy provider Infinity and the United Arab Emirates' Masdar were also involved in the project.

The German government was not immediately available for comment.

(Reporting by Riham Alkousaa, Friederike Heine, editing by Kirsti Knolle)