DAVOS — Saudi Arabia aspires to sell nuclear energy to the world just as we sell oil, declared Adel Al Jubeir, Saudi Climate Envoy, during a session at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2024 in Davos on Wednesday.

This bold statement sets the tone for Saudi Arabia's ambitious plans to harness its substantial uranium deposits, marking a significant shift in the Kingdom's energy strategy.

Al Jubeir's remarks reflect a strategic pivot toward economic diversification and sustainable energy development. "We have large deposits of uranium in Saudi Arabia, and we want to take advantage of them economically," he stated, emphasizing the importance of developing these resources domestically to ensure that the economic benefits, including jobs and industrial growth, remain within the Kingdom.

In line with global safety standards, Al Jubeir assured the international community of Saudi Arabia's commitment to safety and regulatory compliance. "We have no problem in terms of international safeguards, and we’re in talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about this issue. We’re ready to satisfy whatever requirements they have," he said, highlighting the Kingdom's dedication to responsible development of nuclear energy.

The envoy further emphasized the importance of retaining the value chain within Saudi Arabia. "As a country with potentially tremendous uranium resources, we won’t let others refine it and gain the full value, while we get a minimal part of the profit. We want the value-added processes and the jobs in Saudi Arabia," Al Jubeir remarked.

"We see ourselves as energy exporters to the world. We want to sell nuclear energy, oil, gas, green energy, renewable energy, and the whole spectrum of energy products," he proclaimed.

Al-Jubeir emphasized the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's push for diversifying energy sources to cater to the rising global energy demand.

He highlighted the Kingdom's proactive role in the international community, focusing on setting rather than just following global standards. He elaborated on Saudi Arabia's commitment to collaborate with other nations in reducing emissions and tackling climate change challenges.

Al-Jubeir outlined the Kingdom's holistic approach to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation. This includes adopting strategies for a circular carbon economy, urban redevelopment, afforestation, and waste recycling.

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