Bolt, an Estonia-based ride-hailing and food delivery app, aims to invest at least 100 million shillings ($684,697) in the Kenyan market to expand its electric mobility (e-mobility) offerings.

The company currently has 40 e-bikes, which are used for deliveries in Nairobi, Business Daily newspaper reported.

Kenyans will have the option of hailing electric vehicles (EVs) through the app within the next 12 months, Co-Founder Martin Villig said, indicating ongoing plans to align with the African nation’s e-mobility framework.

“We start the EV transition from smaller vehicles such as the two and three-wheelers, which are more affordable,” he said. 

The company will work with electric car manufacturers to deliver more affordable and reliable models for the drivers, Villig said, adding that the startup will seek bank financing options. 

“In the next two or three years, we think that electric two or three-wheelers will be more visible,” Villig said.

Last month, Kenya set up a task force to frame its roadmap on e-mobility, including proposals on tax incentives. 

(Editing by Seban Scaria