SHARJAH - Expo Centre Sharjah (ECS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BEEAH Group, the Middle East’s sustainability and digitalisation pioneer, to enhance bilateral cooperation in several fields of mutual interest.

In particular, the two sides are looking to join forces in boosting the Group’s participation in exhibitions and events hosted by the ECS while building the Centre’s capacity to adopt top sustainability standards and practices.

During a ceremony held at the BEEAH Group headquarters, the MoU was signed by Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, and Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH. Several officials from both sides attended the ceremony.

Under the MoU, BEEAH Group will be pivotal in enhancing the Centre’s ability to integrate sustainability practices by providing experts and consultants specialising in the field. In addition, the MoU will enable BEEAH to increase its participation in ECS events throughout the year. The two sides also plan to exchange information on key promotional activities, such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences, and specialised forums, while improving collaboration on joint ventures that benefit both parties and their respective stakeholders.

Al Midfa said the signing of the MoU with BEEAH in tandem with the launch of COP28 reflects Expo Centre Sharjah’s commitment to adopting best practices in sustainability and fuelling the exhibit sector’s role in national efforts to achieve sustainability and secure a better future for coming generations.

Al Midfa noted that the MoU represents a springboard for the expanded cooperation and joint work of the ECS and BEEAH Group, especially in promoting BEEAH’s initiatives and projects by enhancing its participation in the Centre’s exhibitions and events.

Khaled Al Huraimel said the signing of the MoU is a product of BEEAH Group’s passion for building strong partnerships and opening new channels of cooperation in all sectors as part of its commitment to developing a new vision for a sustainable future and pushing its limits with modern technologies through innovation, integrated resource management, and smart solutions.

This will contribute to meeting the Group’s vision of leading the charge in sustainable quality of life and playing a vital role in advancing the UAE’s groundbreaking work in the field of sustainability, which is evidenced by the nation’s hosting of COP28, its adoption of emissions reduction plans in the economic sphere, and its establishment of the Circular Economy Policy 2021-2031, which aims to achieve sustainable economic governance and effectively utilise natural and environmental resources.

After the signing, the ECS delegation toured the BEEAH building and was briefed on the key services and innovative solutions that BEEAH offers in environmental management, renewable energy, and technology.