Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) recently met with hotel operators in Dubai to discuss sustainability initiatives following the outcomes of COP28. The meeting included a field tour to showcase Empower's environmentally friendly and sustainable cooling services, which are utilized by over 21% of hotels in Dubai.

The meeting featured discussions that included various ideas, and methodologies to protect the environment, raising the efficiency of water usage, various operational issues and preparatory maintenance processes in district cooling operations.

It also presented the challenges it faced upon applying its proactive plans to invest in modern technologies to ensure a complete, integrated, reliable and sustainable ecosystem in all stages of district cooling, which contributes to providing services with standards that exceed their global counterparts.

Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO of Empower, said, “The meeting featured technical presentations by Empower’s professional leaders, in which they addressed various topics in detail, most notably the latest technologies that the company uses in its production processes, and modern systems that ensure users receive smooth, reliable and sustainable services. They also highlighted the economic, environmental and social gains offered by district cooling systems.”

Bin Shafar also stressed that the services provided by Empower to the hospitality sector in Dubai are in line with the emirate's aspirations to achieve sustainability and net zero emissions, a goal that Empower is pursuing to enable all sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adopting district cooling services that have proven effective in protecting the environment and preserving natural resources.

The CEO also pointed out that the impressive results of district cooling systems and their contribution to reducing emissions and carbon footprint underline the effectiveness of the process followed by Dubai hotel establishments in calculating the carbon footprint.

“The results we are witnessing reinforce the government’s vision to create a green economy and achieve sustainable development and emphasize the need for the hospitality sector to adopt district cooling systems to be an effective partner in promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions,” he concluded.