DUBAI - Danny E. Sebright, President of the US-UAE Business Council, said that COP28 is an opportunity for countries to better rein in climate change through tools such as finance, technology, and capacity-building.

In a statement to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) during COP28, Sebright said, "The world is at a critical moment where if the drivers of climate change are not reversed, there will be dire consequences for humanity."

He noted that the UAE plans to leave its mark on the COP process by ensuring that "COP28 is impactful on all fronts, including mitigation, adaptation, finance, and loss and damage".

"This year, member states will negotiate while facing their first Global Stocktake – a scorecard analysing countries' progress towards the Paris Agreement – so they can adapt their next climate action plans, which are due in 2028. It is universally known that the results of this scorecard will not be good," he stated.

He also commended the work of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, noting that it "has been incredibly forward-leaning in instituting many programmes to help the UAE realise its climate goals. I am particularly impressed by initiatives related to promoting food security and preventing food waste."

Regarding the US-UAE Business Council's participation at COP28, he said the council is very active at COP28, hosting no less than 10 events.

"We are showcasing US and UAE thought leadership through various events in the Blue and Green Zones. This includes panels on public health, sustainable finance, manufacturing, and nuclear energy," he explained.

Asked about the American participation in COP28, he noted that COP28 marks a significant turning point in the private sector's participation at the climate conference. Businesses worldwide are participating for the first time in the conversations in Dubai at a scale and level never before seen.

"Not only are there over 400 American companies participating in one way or another, but many are also being represented by the CEOs, Presidents, and Members of the Board of Directors," he said.

Sebright added that the UAE has long viewed climate change as critically important, and it has played a leading role in embracing renewables, such as solar energy and now hydrogen.