Saudi Arabian Oil Company has made further progress in its global retail expansion by acquiring a 40% equity stake in Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd. (“GO”).

GO is a diversified downstream fuels, lubricants and retail store operator in Pakistan with a network of more than 1,200 retail fuel stations.

The acquisition, first announced in December 2023, represents Aramco’s first downstream retail investment in Pakistan and signals the company’s growing retail presence in high-value markets. In March, Aramco acquired a 100% equity stake in Esmax Distribution SpA (“Esmax”), a leading diversified downstream fuels and lubricants retailer in Chile.

Aramco Executive Vice President of Products & Customers, Yasser Mufti, said: “Our global retail expansion is gaining pace, and this acquisition is an important next step on our journey. Through our strategic partnership with GO, we look forward to supplying Aramco’s high-quality products and services to valued customers in Pakistan. We are also delighted to welcome another high-calibre addition to Aramco’s growing network of global partners, and look forward to combining our resources and expertise to unlock new opportunities and further grow the Aramco brand overseas.”