Muscat: Oman Housing Bank has launched its "Wasalnakum" campaign, aimed at enhancing its developmental role across the Sultanate's governorates. The initiative, commencing today, seeks to provide citizens with comprehensive guidance on completing their financing requests via the Iskan electronic platform.

The Iskan platform offers a suite of services to streamline the financing process for citizens. Users can check the status of their applications, determine the financing amount they qualify for, and anticipate the timeline for receiving their funding. Additionally, the platform provides step-by-step instructions on how to register using their civil number, making the process accessible and user-friendly.

By launching this campaign, Oman Housing Bank aims to strengthen its engagement with citizens and improve the efficiency of its financing services, thereby supporting the broader development goals of Oman.

The "Wasalnakum" campaign will be rolled out across several governorates and wilayats, including Al Dhahirah in the Wilayat of Ibri, North Al Batinah in the Wilayat of Suwaiq, South Al Sharqiyah in the Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, Muscat Governorate in the Wilayat of Bausher, and Dhofar Governorate in the Wilayat of Salalah.

Citizens will be able to visit Oman Housing Bank's dedicated booth, where employees will provide a detailed explanation of the Iskan electronic platform and answer all inquiries. The bank had previously launched the "Iskan" programme, which aims to expedite the submission of supported housing finance applications for citizens listed on the waiting lists of Oman Housing Bank and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning. This is achieved through effective partnerships with various local banks in the Sultanate, both traditional and Islamic, which have signed cooperation agreements. These agreements facilitate the processing of waiting list applications through local banks. Oman Housing Bank team has worked to build these partnerships to meet the financing options of eligible citizens, following a prudent approach that ensures satisfaction and fair inclusivity.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Arif bin Maqbool Al Zaabi, General Manager of the Oman Housing Bank, said: "Due to the numerous inquiries received by the bank from citizens in various governorates, especially those locals that don’t have a Oman Housing bank branches, we decided to expand our roles through the 'Wasalnakum' campaign by going to the cities that we don’t have a presence in. This is part of our commitment to provide services and to accelerate financing requests through partnerships with local banks, aiming to empower many Omani families.

"The Iskan platform offers many electronic services, such as submitting applications electronically from any geographical location, checking their turn details, eligibility criteria for housing finance, choosing the bank for their housing finance, and reviewing all financing details from application submission to disbursement. Through the electronic platform, citizens can accept or reject offers from chosen banks after reviewing the terms, repayment periods, and monthly installments."

He added, "Oman Housing Bank is a key developmental pillar supporting the housing movement in the Sultanate for citizens eligible for government-supported housing finance. We strive to be a leader in accelerating the housing and construction movement, contributing to the Sultanate's economic development. The bank excels in providing services to clients, fulfilling the government's aspirations to extend development to various governorates and wilayats."

"In the near future, the bank's roles will expand further by signing several agreements with various real estate development companies, providing options for citizens who wish to purchase housing units in the upcoming integrated housing cities that the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning is building. This step aims to offer citizens various financing options for building, purchasing, or both, and other services. Oman Housing Bank operates with a strategic vision to achieve development by distributing supported housing finance across all governorates of the Sultanate, believing that the prosperity of individuals leads to the prosperity of communities and institutions."

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