Finland's Industrial Union said on Thursday it planned two days of labour strike action at Neste's Porvoo oil refinery, likely shutting the plant's production unless the government agrees to change its proposed labour market reforms.

Finnish unions have protested in recent months against the right-wing government's plan to favour local work agreements over centralised bargains, limit political strikes and make it easier to terminate work contracts.

"We hope that the suspension of oil refining will make the government realise that it cannot put the entire burden of public finances on the shoulders of workers," shop steward Sami Ryynanen at the Porvoo refinery said in a statement.

A strike at Porvoo is scheduled for Feb. 1-2 of 2024, the Industrial Union said.

"If the strike were to take place, it would lead to the shutdown of Neste's Porvoo refinery which must be carried out in an orderly and safe manner," a Neste spokesperson said in an emailed statement. (Reporting by Essi Lehto, editing by Terje Solsvik)