New Delhi: The Department of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare has released the final estimates for 2022-23 and the first advance estimates of 2023-24 of the area and production of various horticultural crops.

The data was compiled based on information received from States or UTs and other governmental source agencies.

The production of India's horticultural produce together is estimated to be largely steady at about 355.25 million tonnes. In terms of area under cultivation, it is seen rising towards 28.77 million hectares as against 28.44 million hectares.

The horticulture production in the country in 2023-24 (First Advance Estimates) is estimated to be about 355.25 million tonnes. An increase in area of 1.15 per cent or 3.27 lakh ha is observed in 2023-24 (First Advance Estimates) over 2022-23 (Final Estimates).

The production of fruits is expected to reach 112.08 million tonnes, mainly due to an increase in the production of bananas, mandarins and mangoes.

The production of vegetables is envisaged to be around 209.39 million tonnes. An increase is expected in the production of cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, tapioca, tomato and other vegetables.

Production of Tomato is expected to be around 208.19 lakh tonne compared to around 204.25 Lakh Tonne last year, an increase of 1.93 per cent lakh tonne.

Production of onion in 2023-24 (First Advance Estimates) is expected to be around 254.73 lakh tonne compared to around 302.08 lakh tonne last year due to a decrease of 34.31 lakh tonne in Maharashtra, 9.95 lakh tonne in Karnataka, 3.54 lakh tonne in Andhra Pradesh and 3.12 lakh tonne in Rajasthan.

Production of potatoes in 2023-24 (First Advance Estimates) is expected to be around 589.94 lakh tonne compared to around 601.42 lakh tonne last year, attributed to a decrease in West Bengal over the previous year.

India has three cropping seasons -- Summer, Kharif, and Rabi.

Crops that are sown during October and November and the produce harvested from January depending on maturity are Rabi. Crops sown during June-July and dependent on monsoon rains are harvested in October-November are kharif.

Crops produced between Rabi and Kharif are Summer crops.

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