New Delhi: The number of Indians seeking opportunities in abroad have marked a dip in 2023. According to a recent study, the number of Indians who are willing to work abroad have declined from 78 per cent in 2020 to 54 per cent in 2023.

The study ‘International Mobility Trends’ was conducted by BCG (Boston Consulting Group) a global consulting firm.

India’s ranking as a preferred destination has also gone up by 6 points over the last five years. While Bengaluru and Delhi continue to be preferred destinations for those willing to work in India, but their overall ranking among global cities has gone down.

Ahmedabad has entered the top 100 global cities for the first time since the report was first launched in 2018.

In a recent analysis of global workforce preferences, data indicates a notable trend in individuals considering India as a desirable location for employment. The findings reveal that individuals from various countries, led by those from the UAE, express a keen interest in working in India. Following closely behind are individuals from Nigeria and Kenya, suggesting a growing appeal of India’s work opportunities on the international stage.

“In recent years, India has emerged as a beacon for professionals seeking dynamic career opportunities, both domestically and globally. This surge in popularity is underscored by its increasing rank on the global index of preferred working destinations, having gained six rank points in the last five years,” said Neetu Chitkara MD & Partner, India Lead People and Organisation Practice, BCG.

While the preferences of Indian workers seeking employment abroad have undergone a significant shift. Earlier top preference by Indians to work was UAE but in the current scenario of 2024, the UAE has slipped to the sixth position in the rankings. Instead, countries such as the Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, and the UK have emerged as the favoured destinations for Indian workers seeking opportunities abroad.

Countries like Australia, the US, Canada and the UK are the four most desirable countries to move in by the people globally. In the city list London is on top priority with New York also in the top five.

The survey also reveals that people from fast-growing population and youngsters are the most mobile around the world.

The survey also highlights that globally people moves abroad primarily for professional progress, around 64 per cent of respondents have cited financial and economic reasons and 56 per cent have given career considerations such as work experience as their top reasons for moving abroad.

The quality of job opportunities is the top decisive factor by 65 per cent of respondents as main reason for choosing a particular country. While the quality of life and climate ranked second most important factor for choosing a particular country as their destination.

Other country-specific characteristics such as opportunities for citizenship (18 percent) and health care (15 percent) also play a role but are tagged as secondary factors by the respondents.

The survey includes the response of 1.5 lakh people from 188 countries and it highlights that moving abroad for work remains a dream for many around the world, with 23 percent of professionals actively seeking jobs in other countries, and 63 percent expressing an overall willingness to do so.

Despite the desire to work abroad, the survey found that 59% of Indian respondents were unwilling to relocate due to a strong emotional attachment to their country, well above the global average of 33%.

India is one of the major contributor of workforce around the world. According to the data by Ministry of External Affairs, there are 13.6 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), 18.68 million Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), and nearly 32.3 million Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) residing outside India, and overseas Indians comprise the world’s largest overseas diaspora. Every year, 2.5 million (25 lakh) Indians migrate overseas, which is the highest annual number of migrants in the world.

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